Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton and her Promises

"Hillary Clinton talked about how she would work to rebuild the economy. She promised that as president, she would create jobs, provide universal health care and create an education system that works, including affordable college tuition.
She said that this would be paid for when troops begin to return from Iraq, bringing money back to the U.S."[1]


Q: What does demanding universal health care create?

A: Bingo! More taxation. (see here for a point of view)
We have two problems—we have the problem of the uninsured and the problem of the underinsured. My American Health Choices Plan would insure every single person for what they need.

It's simple: If you have insurance you like, you keep it. There is no disruption. If you have a good policy through your business or through a union or through a municipality, nothing changes. But if you don’t have insurance – or you don't like the insurance you have – you can choose from the same menu of private plans available to members of Congress. And we will provide tax credits to help you afford it.

My plan also bans insurance company discrimination, so you will never be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions or risk factors that you might have. And we don't require small business to do anything but it does provide tax credits to help small businesses if they choose to afford to buy health care for their employees.

Does it sound nice- someone doing all the work for you? A ‘them’ having the ability to steal from your pocket to create a ‘greater good’ a more Utopian society. Maybe to a select few, or maybe to those who haven't studied the flaws of macro-economics. Honey, the Leviathan is acommin.

Q: What in the world does she mean by 'create jobs'?

A: Sounds completely scary and empty to me. What does an political head figure mean with those two words? She says we are “rebuilding the road to the middle class” who is? My answer, the people are free individuals of trade and intellect, they make choices that reflect their highest values and jobs do arise continually. Her answer is that the government should help, “Hillary will finance her investments in innovation without increasing the deficit by devoting a portion of the revenue from ending tax breaks for companies that shift jobs overseas.” Clinton’s Proposal

“As president, I will lead our nation to create millions of new jobs by investing in clean energy and doubling investments in basic and applied research. I’ll implement a national strategy to bring broadband – and the information economy – to every corner of our country. I’ll improve math and science education, and open up science and engineering to more of our people. And I’ll end the assault on science waged by the Bush Administration.
“As we enter this new world of economic, technological, and social change – our dedication to innovation will be more important than ever. It will be the key to creating new jobs, to harnessing globalization and to rebuilding the road to middle class prosperity.”

This is one of the frustrating myths, her idea encompasses the government allocation of taxes will create something that if the government didn't do, wouldn't happen, if it was wanted/needed, would be made just as well or much better by the entrepreneurs of the people. Not only would the power of the people directly influence the wants and needs of itself, but it would create the honest reflection of the market. [1], [2], Job creation, Government VS The People, What the UN has to say.


A: In that case! She must be invading the mind and choices of each individual because WE ARE THE ECONOMY- our individual interactions, Micro-Economics. Okay, I’m asking for honesty, is she being very genuine and honest? Because I don't what in the heck she could possibly mean by this statement in a, true way- what does her plan entail and HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY CREATE LIBERTY?
We live in a complex, interconnected, global economy. All of our challenges are all together now. We can't just put band-aids on one and expect to solve our problems. What we have to do is have a plan to create good jobs and restore fairness to the economy. We need to renew the promise of America that if you work hard, you can get ahead. We need to return to fiscal responsibility, so that Washington once again lives within a budget, just like you and your family has to do.

It sounds pretty right? But what does it mean to 'restore fairness to the economy?' or to 'create jobs' ? It sounds to me that she has a tiny voice in her head that knows what America is, because she continually states that it's the Peoples place, that the government needs to implement new jobs for us and help us jump start the economy, it sounds pretty but unfortunately, or rather fortunately, it doesn't work that way.

Q: Educational system that works?

A: For whom and who pays, and why not just cut taxes instead of for certain people, and who and what regulates who gets what? That's a whole new unneeded, yucky, job.

Q: Creating affordable college tuition?

A: Who is that hurting? Is she mandating more taxes? Have you ever heard of scarcity? Or the freedoms of private institutions? What about making them all private, how would that compare to her -hopeful- results?

Bring more women and minorities into the math, science, and engineering professions. Increasing the educational attainment of women and minorities, particularly in math, science and engineering, is critical to our future as an innovative nation. Women comprise 43% of the workforce but only 23% of scientists and engineers. Blacks and Hispanics represent 30% of the workforce, but only 7% of scientists and engineers. Unless women and underrepresented minorities develop strong math, science, and engineering skills, the average educational attainment of the American worker will decline. Hillary will direct the federal agencies to adopt criteria that take diversity into account when awarding education and research grants. She also proposes that the federal government provide financial support to college and university programs that encourage women and minorities to study math, science, and engineering.

I feel this as an awful unnecessary perception on who colleges are to admit as students, a very Keynesian way of looking at education. end.

No matter where or when, the essential prerequisite for economic growth is capital accumulation in a framework of freedom and sound money. The consequence of price control is shortage and surplus. The effect of money expansion is inflation and the business cycle. The effect of every form of intervention is to make society less prosperous than it would otherwise be.

Austrian VS Keynesian and Bastiat
That is a GREAT place to go, it has a lot of information in fewer words than many other texts, I recommend.

A prime example of the people doing things that you might not think they would, have faith in humanity, we do work as free individuals, we do. (Providing free RP stickers)

I don't particuarily favor this at all but it's one way to see what she's doing from a surprisingly rising majority of the ex-apathetics Here.

And, Thank You for taking your time to care about your freedoms and reading daunting things in order to fully educate yourself, I say, always carry with you your Constitution and Bill of Rights, we are American Humans, we are humans of democracy and justice.

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