Saturday, April 19, 2008


Life most certainly does not suck, the fact that you can think and reason and pass judgments is as beautiful as you make it. Life is wow - life is more than the ability to reason, yet even the ability to reason is above the laws of physics- life is seeing the world through your subjective values and goals. Life is all the meaning that you give it and get from it. What you say, think, and do affects what life is to you. I utterly abhor the comment above mine and completely disagree with it. If you think about how cool it is that I can send words to you, representations of sounds and concepts, and that you read them and glean meaning from them. Not only that but! You are attempting to grasp the intentions behind the meanings. If I were to say I am a round square- I would be making a statement and attempting to imply that there is a linguistic rule that would back up that statement but infact! aha! it is nonsense that sentence actually means nothing, how cool right?


to go on, :). Sensitive is a wonderful thing to be - it means you should listen. Listen to the way your heartbeats, the wind flows through the air and throats, listen to the pain, listen to the worship, listen to each voice attempting to create an existence that they can understand. The pain, the horror- it's an attempt to understand, it's how some rationalize. We are all so awful and flawed compared to our intentions and goals, and in someways it is, and it is beautiful. The sick and the perverse come from not understanding, from not being logical and loving. Love is simplest thing in the world, it is above even reason, which as I stated previously, is above all laws of physics, love is somehow above all things and yet is completely experiential and observable. Or is it? It's this vague and concrete concept all at once...

Love is the free trading that happens between two individuals, and somehow I don't mean to say love between two people that love each other- I mean selling toys to a mother that wants toys for her child. Love is in loving yourself and understanding the un-understandable it's in providing for your wants and needs and somehow in the exact process fulfilling others wants and needs- no one to tell you what to do, not stepping on anyone else's process.

yet, how can love be all things that fall into such a category? How can it not be?

If love is not freedom in all, then what is love? If love is not acting on peacefull understanding and forgiveness, then what is love? If love is not letting yourself feel and act, then what is love?

And if love is not living, then what is living?

p.s. I do think that people have the right to observe other people and judge others actions- "I can see sin in all the world. And I may well hate that sin, but never the sinner."- John Logan. Judgments are totally rational and reasonable they are how we as people understand and categorize information into usable pieces.

p.p.s oh and to be more analytically clear: The purpose to life is self-derived. I hope there is no purpose to life because that would imply fate and fate implies that there is predestination, and predestination implies that I am not a rational choosing person. It also implies that your friend is right in her conclusion that we have no right to pass judgment, because actions wouldn't be connected to the individual and then Ghandi and Hitler would be one in the same, and! then also those judgments I was passing really wouldn't be me at all because I would infact just be predestined to think those very thoughts and writing these very responses.

A sad cynical independent depriving life to live.

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