Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ghandi and collectivism

Why is he revered as so great?
"I claim to be a humble servant of India and humanity..."

I am just now attempting to learn of what this man did, I was always told that he was a "champion" of the poor- fighting to raise taxes of the few to close the gap between poor and wealthy, that life is about compromising, not your values or religion, but into submission for majority. Doesn't seem something that I revere.

"Lovers of peace at any price save that of Truth."

He deigns even the breath of man as a violence, honoring (?)ahmisa as truth as A is A. He honors non-violence as the path- are not taxes a violence, are not being self-sacrificers a violence of the self? What good are you as a lost entity - with only a purpose to serve your brother whom holds his only purpose to serve his brothers- you have lost the only thing there to save.

"Non-violence in its dynamic condition means conscious suffering...It does not mean meek submission of the will of the evildoer, but it means putting of ones whole soul against the will of a tyrant. ...[to]lay the foundation for the empires fall or regeneration."

"Before I can preach Universal non-violence, I must be wholly free from passion, I must be wholly incapable of sin."

His opinion of God is that we are all representations of God - so he serves God by serving Humanity.

"And is this Power benevolent or malevolent? I see it as purely benevolent. For I can see, that in the midst of death life persists, in the midst of untruth truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists. Hence I gather that God is Life, Truth, Light. He is Love. He is the Supreme Good."

Yet he only holds that divinity when we are together as a whole:
"I am a part and parcel of the whole, and I cannot find Him apart from the rest of humanity."

Which makes me think of another such belief, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20. "We must guard our faith, and one of the keys to arming ourselves in the world is to remain in fellowship with others. A Christian is called ... to fellowship."Life as a Christian woman (Blog)

"We must ever fail to perceive Him through the senses, because He is beyond them. We can feel Him if we will but withdraw ourselves from the senses. The divine music is incessantly going on within ourselves, but the loud senses drown the delicate music, which is unlike and infinitely superior to anything we can perceive or hear with our senses." (H, 13-6-1936, pp140-1)

Is Ghandi presenting "the delicate music" as being whole and one with humanity and that you must drown ones own wants/needs in order to achieve such a feat?

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