Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life, a short ditty I wrote inorder to share what's going on in my head

I suppose I must live as if I will be alive tomorrow, but also to know that time is scarce.

Perfectionism will kill you, this is just a step, it's not the ultimate project, it's a piece of it, yet- act as if you are making a choice, which you made wrongly the first time, go for your self-created goals. There isn't enough time to be perfect, because aiming for perfection will only put you off longer. Laugh harder, be joyful, don't fool yourself, because you'll know the truth anyways, you can't really convince yourself otherwise.

And when you die, is the day that you judge yourself with finality, judgment day is the day you look back at your life and say, “did I live authentically?” Maybe you are the ultimate judge, the decision maker, and even if you're not I think you should live as if you are- live meaningfully in your search for Truth, with hope and joy. Maybe judgment day can be a process of constant awareness, that of living in the moment with honesty. Be honest with yourself before death so that we can change before, instead of never changing and only reviewing at your death.

Live here with authenticity and compassion, it's all that actually matters, I think.

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