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"Washington’s continued mishandling of the economic crisis has disquieted the electorate. The bad economic numbers, the precipitous decline in the stock market, the dramatic increase in government spending and the tax increases lying just over the horizon paint a picture of an out-of-control federal government grasping at straws in the search for solutions."

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Tax day is the 15th, this Wednesday of April, the month the mosquitos come out, in more venues than one. But this year, there's something else going on, people are standing up against what they are being taxed for. Find your city, discover some Truth about the market! :) It's fun, it's invigorating to seek for Truth, to really work towards an understanding of how reality works, and what makes the most wealth for the most people, keeping in mind that wealth is not only money.

Here's an opposing view: Right here by, Tina Dupoy
I'm not going to respond to all parts of her article but there are a few detials I'll point out.

"You've been pushed around by Obama for too long - nearly 80 whole days. You poor long suffering muted people."

It's not about Obama, the figurehead,, it's not about who is in power, its about what they are doing with their given powers (GIVEN MEANING IT CAN BE TAKEN)- Obama isn't the key of the problem, the issues that this Tea Party is speaking out about, is foundational to this country, these concerns go back all the way back to our founding fathers and their sociatal environment in the Federalist, Anti-Federalist debates. And according to Dupoy, they "...weren't hotheads. They didn't just 'get mad' and usurp a king's authority. They had real grievances, real ideals, real leaders and a really brutal, bloody struggle." This, that we are stading up about, is exactly what the anti-feds feared, they feared that the General Welfare Clause, would do just this. Brutus (the pseudoynm the Anti-Federalists used, in opposition to Publious of the Federalists, in the New York Journal, examined this power of Congress and reponded.

That this clause authorizes congress "to do anything which in their judgment will tend to provide for the general welfare, and this amounts to the same thing as general and unlimited legislation in all cases...." That the power to tax is unsound because "there is no limitation on this power." "This power therefore is neither more nor less than a power to lay and collect taxes, imposts, and excises, at their pleasure."(Creidt to McClellan, author of Liberty, Order, and Justice An Introduction to the Constitutional Principles of American Government, for the reprinting of this information on pages 389-390.)

Yes the intentions may be good, they may really believe that it is for the benfit of the general welfare, but it isn't their place, and I don't know what kind of mastermind they obviously posses in order to know anything of the sort. The concept of "greatest good" dumb founds me, think about what is not seen, how can they POSSIBLY know that, and enforce it?

Tina says, "The Boston Tea Party was standing up to tyranny after years of neglect. Not standing up to being mad that your candidate didn't win. The tea was a symbol of the tone deafness and arrogance of King George. Everyone knew Englishmen (which the colonist were) could never live without tea, so British Parliament imposed a huge tax on it. So instead of Liptons being thrown into various bodies of water around this country - the symbolic equivalent would be cutting up your credit cards. Credit card companies are taxing Americans with no representation - but they know that Americans can't live without them. So where's that mutiny?"

We're standing up to a system that has been becoming more tyrannical almost from he get go. Yeah.....tone deafness? It's possible that this countries "leaders" do not have even the leiway to plead tone deafness, atleast King Georege was ACROSS THE SEA. CREDIT CARD COMPANIES ARE PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS, AND THEY CAN BE CUT UP WITHOUT YOU GOING TO JAIL FOR IT. On the way side, I do not use a Credit Card.

I particualrily enjoyed a comment made by an individual by the name of Paula Cassin:
"I'm going to a Tea Party because I do think it's gone too far in terms of goverment having the 'solution' to all our problems. Bush and the Republicans were just as bad as Obama and the Dems if not more so - at least the Democrats tell us what they stand for, while Republicans talk about individual liberty and limited government but do the opposite.
I'm going to a tea party to take a stand for the private sector (non-profit and profit alike) and a free market system with sound government regulations ensuring fair honest trade can take place, rather than a market full of subsidies, industry favoritism, social engineering, fixed pricing and massive regulatory burdens that drive small/med business out and stifle innvation."

And annother bit by Brent Burk- "The Federal Reserve prints trillions upon trillions of dollars out of thin air, creating an inflation tax, which is, in fact, taxation without representation."

This is true, inflation is one of the cruelest forms of tax.

This Tea- Party isanti-using-our-tax-money-because-you-think-you-know-what-you're-doing-and-its-based-on-keynesian-'theory'-which-isn't-based-in-reality-and-can-only-be-our-undoing.

ALSO! hahah I found this incredible:
"It appears as though the US borders do not represent a boundary around those frustrated with Government spending and extreme regulation. The Tea Party protests have now gone international.

Where? By midten in Vaerloese, Denmark. (Town Square)
Time: 1700 - 1800
Contact: Claus Ron Dellgren ("

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