Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Do We Live, or rather, Why Do We Care?

Why do people want to learn, even if they see that they don't understand, why do they care?

Once they are aware of what it means to not act,once they realize "that those who are served are limited in their freedom," then they see the consequences of their action is that they lose their freedom. But ...who cares? They're just dependent, someone else will take care of them: think for them, develop for them, their understanding, take care of their needs for food etc.

But we know that we live in a world of relative scarcity. Do the same consequences of the loss of freedom of property occur with intellectual property?

Yeah progress slows, stops, we become inert, do we feel purposeless? Do we begin to hate ourselves? Why? If we do, then we feel unease with not living purposefully and we choose to take action, to learn, to explore- to share, to live dynamically.
Do we prefer the patterned state, between stillness and insanity? Why?

Is it all a part of reproduction? Does the desire to learn and progress, have to do with the ability to survive? and is intellect, beyond the ability to make shelter and get food, a deciding factor in reproduction? Is the exploration of ideas and truth a desire to know more in order to make life easier? To make time usage more efficient? In order to better make shelter and get food and enjoy living. Or to make life more meaningful, but I don't see how. Why do we live? Why!?

Why do we value solving conflict peacefully? If the only reason to do so is to respect others, and to learn from the conflict? What if we do not care about learning? Can we not care? Some people express a lack of concern for ideas, how can they do that? Why do we shy from the difficult? Why do we detest stagnation? Is it, once again, only out of a will to survive?

Wondering what it means to be human, trying to figure out why, or if, we value learning. I do not understand the root drive for progress. Do we just feel meaningless while inert? Do we as humans prefer dynamic interaction? But maybe these questions can’t be answered, I can’t explain why we live, why we desire, I can’t say why we love or question. It’s simply because we’re human. So I guess my job is to express how I see those things supported. But how do I know those things are there, and is that a question I need to even ask? I feel those things, I am human, so do all humans feel those things? Sometimes I don’t feel the drive. What makes us uneasy with being wrong? Why do we fear being wrong? More questions that I’m not sure I could ever answer.

Why would we care if all things were predetermined, only because that would mean that our actions may not actually achieve our idea of a preferred state?

If you don't give life meaning, then life is meaningless. How is it that we give life meaning? Why must we give life meaning? If it is given by us, and exists only because we exist, then blah, all of our actions, are, so strange. and it comes down to

Do we live because we do not know what it means to die? Why do we live with a purpose if we do not know what comes next? Do we act and learn and share, live “peacefully” only out of a desire to feel accomplished and good? Does that feeling of accomplishment stem from a love for others?

And here is where, if I did not choose to recognize that I am human and do have desires that are meaningful because I make them so, and that I do affect those around me, then I could shoot myself, but even to die is a desire to not live, it is a trap we as humans live in, a trap of self-determined meaning.

Even by asking these questions I am expressing that which I do not understand.
You see what I mean?
The very fact that I ask, implies that I find a purpose to asking.
Is that because I fear inertia and death as a consequence of not reproducing, or because I find life meaningful in that I am generating something that would not be here if I were not here?

If we understand the will to reproduce and survive then mustnt we above that cognatively?

Some how there is something there, our ability to give life meaning, is what makes life more than chemical, this element of choice and rationality, above the will to survive, this love for others, and meaning found in interaction, or in gazing at the sky with another.

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