Monday, June 8, 2009

"In the end, the market wins."

Texas Straight Talk

reference to GM: where the headquarters will be and what kinds of cars they will make.

"the promise that this is temporatry and will eventually be profitable is supposed to easy the American people into accepting this arrangement"

this shouldn't be comforting....think about what has happened to Amtrack.

General Motors is a private company getting government money.
The market's information about the demand for GM's services, instead of being headed and allowing GM to disband, sending out laborers to generate things we may now never know, we are now using our own money to support an undesired business. This is ridiculous and destructive.

All things in life are done with risk, allow things to work out naturally or you're simply ignoring the truth and developing longer term issues.

The purpose of Government is to uphold the Law, the purpose of Law is to protect our natural rights of Life, Liberty, and Property. These three things are interdependent...meaning when you restrict one you are restricting the others. Our government is perverting the law, making choices about our property, retracting our liberties, and infringing on our ability to live life according to our own interests.

Our own interests when pursued without the aid of force, often lead us to trade, trade is voluntary making it mutualistic, meaning beneficial to both parties. Because who would trade if they didn't value the trade?

Force is bad, on the small level and the large level.

"In the end, the market wins."



  1. And then there's the problem of the poorer performing companies getting a leg up on better performing ones through bankruptcy. Insolvency shouldn't be rewarded.

  2. here here. The way this country is workin' itself into death is so obvious.