Saturday, August 16, 2008

What a Brave New World

So I was wandering through various, mostly random, ideas about culture and one thought grabbed me. Have you ever noticed how in American Football there seems to be a central leader, yes all the other players on the particular team knows the routine but there is still the man who decides to throw the ball, or not. Does this guy decide the plan? is he the planner? or is there another man who tells him what to do? In football does each man stand on his own, depending on the angle you look at it from, each has his purpose, which creates a whole (like any sport, or thing in general). But he's being told what to do in this sport, which hopefully supports the goal of the individual; to have his team win. I think that American Football, at least to me (not knowing the intricacies), dictates very very clearly a mindset very much present in todays America...
. My question is, in the larger arena, what is it that we are trying to win? In "planning" for everyones future, what they should know, "dictating" how they get to that end, "plowing" all that stands in the way of the collective ""altruist"" (which I spoke of in an earlier post), "destroying" the I,


and that's just the team I was speaking of, the crowd gets? Beer, Violence, Sex Appeal (players, cheerleaders, and your fellow fans body heat), Comradarie, Pride.

It's not all bad, I'm not here to say that it is., I do look at some strange parallels between sports and the way governments run themselves.

What a Brave New World, what will its Anthem be?.

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  1. know what's funny? my mom had an observation about sports in america.

    Baseball used to be the most-loved american sport, the "national pastime." it's a very civil, democratic game, with everyone taking turns doing everything. Each player has to be skilled in and aware of all aspects of the game, and they're big on respect and good sportsmanship, teamwork.

    The current popular sport? football. violent, led by a single most-important, highest-paid player, a total power trip with the women on the sidelines, getting increasingly thinner and nakeder. all about domination and individual glory.

    what does this say about the direction of our nation?