Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Constitution

Our constitution was written with the knowledge that societies are evolutionary systems, and that the purpose of writing a constitution wasn't to dictate laws and customs but to devise a concise foundation that laws and customs could evolve within. A constitution provides all people with certain expectations of experience, being that Liberty, Order, and Justice are respected by all written and unwritten laws.

The role of our constitution is to uphold the principles of Liberty, Order, and Justice. These three ideals put into practice provide the most freedom and prosperity to those living within them. Our consitution calls for a limited decentralized government, that it is to protect the constitutional principles and not change them for light and transient causes, thus. an amendment can only be made by a majority of the nation. The individuals working within the government are to be accountable for their actions and represent the concerns of the nations individuals.

Liberty allows for individuals to pursue their own interests (their own ends) purposefully. Order calls for individuals to give up certain freedoms in order to come to a higher sense of freedom, where all individuals can pursue their own interests. Finally, justice which dictates that all are created equal and have the right to pursue their interests with equality, though this does not infer that all peoples plans will have equal results.

Lastly and most important, what is needed for a constitution to serve its purpose of protecting such foundational rights, and because our laws and customs are evolutionary rather than static, we each have an obligation to be fully aware of the constitution and act accordingly to preserve the principles of our nation.

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  1. Two things I miss about Woods: you & Constitution talk.