Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Further on Peace

Peace is created through trade.
Trade is dependent upon freedom.
Freedom is dependent upon economic and political freedoms.
Economic and political freedoms are dependent upon which role the government chooses to take.
The role government chooses to take, ought to be dictated by individuals that understand the principles of liberty.

We need more rebels and less revolutionaries.
We need new change not a circle of the same with diffrent faces to blame.

We need globalization, open borders, ethical-concious- capitalism, governments that protect only our liberties, we need true private property, competition in money and "public services" we need to privitize thereby instituting private incintive.

Freedom of our Natural Rights (Freedom to move, to trade, to own property) is the strongest protection against serfdom, creates the most wealth (not only monetary or phyisical)for the society as a whole, and creates peace.

Governments "providing" education, health care, this new idea of carczar, these are all things that re-allocate resources, in other words, taking resources from where they were formerly for "the greater good". The resources I am speaking of here are, tax money, time of the individuals working in these instritutions, and the resources of the entire human that is developing/acting within the institution. The issue with this occurance cannot as easily be backed up from an humanirtarian point of view, so one must take up the words of Liberty and a strong understanding of "that which is not seen" -Bastiat.

Government provisions, slow societies progress, think of the railroads during the industrial revolution era, the government lines were set down poorly and needed millions of dollars to opperate. The private lines were incredibly efficient because the risk of failure and the costs of production were on an individual or smaller group of individuals.

We must ask our selves, how were cars created in the first place? Freedom of innovation in the industrial revolution.
Why are so many of our cars today big gas guzzlers? Because Government regulations have put high embargos on foreign trade in the market area of Cars. Which has created incorrect signals, through prices, to the car industry for the actual demand that the consumers had for more gas efficiant, dollar saving, vehicles.
Eastern cars have had the answers for years.

Think, how much has our public education, over all, progressed these last 200 years?

Look at the Health Care in almost any other location in the world, save maybe Hong Kong, for the answers as to why socialized medicines fail our peoples. Examples in video form: Free Market Cure

The old idea that war brings us out of a depression is along with the same fallasy, this idea that redistribution of resources is beneficial to society.
Why have we spent so much time working on prosthetic limbs as such a large scale? Because of war. Why haven't we, instead, spent that time and effort on curing cancer (because believe it or not we are quite close I do believe), and, there is a private scientist who is discovering if she hasn't already discovered ways to stop a virus's mechanism of communication- why have we not invested more there?
Well that brings up another idea, why is the government subsidizing medicines, why are the costs of medical care and pharmosuticals so high?

Markets are self-correcting, markets clear. Prices are not set by the supplier, prices are determined by demand and are a reflection of relative scarcity.

So those are few thoughts floating around in my head.
I've got other things I must go do now.
Hope it inspires some questions for you.


Peace Through Commerce

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  1. You have a really good point about the health care! I think we should focus more on cures for cancer and the such instead of things designed for battle.