Friday, November 7, 2008


"Veterans have and will continue to fight on for peace and the rights of his or her country men until there is no need for war."

I believe that peace isn't something you can fight for, not violently, I would hesitate to even say that one can metaphorically fight inorder to achieve peace.

Peace is not meerly the absence of coercion, it's something much more, and therefor couldn't be a state one achieves though violence. When one engages in a war (no matter what scale) it implies a vanquisher and a vanquished, the vanquished is then expected to submit (by force) to the new situation that they are now (made unwillingly to be) in. Can the state of the now vanquished really be called peace even though there is no longer a war taking place?

There is always conflict, shouldn't be seen as war, conflict is the process of knowledge growth - the growth of society, it's how you solve the conflict that is necessary. Conflict can be between ideas, choices (which hat do I buy?), decisions between people, etc.

There ought not be nonvoluntary conflict resolution (war)- in other words, all trade and communication ought to be voluntary. A made action, is a decision made about which was the best choice between any number of options you had before you made the action, implys value.

Could peace be seen as two people making choices that are mutualistic? ( Mutualistic by unintintionalyI may add, for the doll maker and the doll buyer have diffrent reasons for doing their particular action, yet they both support each other and them selves- voluntary actions actually creates wealth! How beautiful is that! It's not the doll that holds the wealth[ the material objects] it's the value one gives to said object that is the wealth the exchanges of diffrent values makes people more wealthy because people trade things becaues they value the thing they are trading for more than what they have [i.e. I value Ice cream more than 2 dollars, sometimes]).

I would say, yes, I honor and respect all humans for the daily choices they make- because all people have reasons and intentions for action, that spring forth from their values. We are all individuals with values, when two individuals meet and agree on something or disagree there is a growth of knowledge to the individual and therefor to the society. (For a society ought to be defined as a group of individuals). "True peace ... suggests the triumph of justice and love among men; it reveals the existence of a better world wherein harmony reigns." (Peace and education Montessori Page 7)

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