Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music and Sleepy Logic.

I realize that not all of my posts are obviously geared to instigating questions so I wanted to be clear. I am expressing a mind set, an awareness- this awareness for the need for freedom comes through several mediums.

I am here to express what freedom can accomplish. Even when progressive action is greatly hindered, it breaks through the paint as much as possible to express the potential of humankind.

All things show us, when looked upon closely, the inexplicable aspects of nature. The unpredictability is what often brings us progress. Think of Rosa Parks, through living her Truth, and coupled with others who were willing to stand for something they percieved to be necessariy in allowing the most people freedom, they made drastic advances in human consciousness.

Erik Mongrain, Guitar Music

We all make a difference when we fight for freedom, because freedom allows for the most opinions of what Truth is.

On an important side note: Here I do mean to infer that because we all have a subjective experience of Truth, that Truth is subjective. If Truth were subjective there would be no right, nor wrong, and Hitler's actions and Ghandi's actions would be equal in essence. Possibly, that which is Truth, is that which allows for the most freedom. If perhaps, I were to propose that Truth is only subjective and that we act in order to better ourselves, and come to a deeper understanding of what we think Truth is. (Accepting the fact that “what Truth is” is whatever I decide that it is, and that then it IS.) I still see the inherent need to explore (in order to find this deeper understanding, which is constantly expanding with each new experience). I would still say that the separate Truth that people come to could potentially by necessity of the nature of the search for Truth, allow for the most freedom for all. Yet, this process would take much longer and be much more painful, because of the very fact that, subjective Truth justifies all action, and potentially individuals would cease to understand our interconnectedness in the search for what we think to be Good, being so concentrated on a particular view, they would cease to be open to learn, and therefore, being in their state of static understanding, they would perhaps no longer be meaningful individuals, nor individuals allowing for the most freedom of thought/action, unless their meaning is now found only in the conversion of others. This mindset, I have shakily expressed, could be what sparks, initially someone to think, yet then supports them to become static, and tyrannistic. We take our initial claim that Truth is subjective, coupled with an awareness that we can only ever know that we are right, and we cease to search, only to convert. When the society becomes one that is motivated by the will to convert others, then we cease to be what we once were, inquisitive, and therefore, we seem to inherent the mindset that justifies all action. Of course, we all have subjective experience, that is the nature of being human, therefore what is necessary to realize is that, there is a common Truth, that of freedom, and that we may believe as we like, but that it does not make us right, nor wrong therefore we must always respect others ability to seek Truth, and also as humans, never cease to seek, lest we turn into individual’s whom find meaning merely in conversion, or into individuals who believe that Truth can only be subjective and that there is no collective standard that we are seeking. Maybe as I posited before, Truth is that which allows for all to exist diversly, and that standard which we are seeking, is just that.

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