Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on the Missiouri Conflict/ The state of the US Glenn Beck and Ron Paul

Here again are the charges:
"The Modern Militia Movement"

To those who disagree with the United Nations, the FED, the Income tax, the FBI... to those who show support for Ron Paul, who openly support the constitution- to name a few, you are all under suspician for terrorist motives, basically...for openly supporting liberty.

Here is an article written by Anthony Gregory
Responce and Information about what is going on.

Glenn Beck- Ron Paul Interview on the issue/the issues in this nation right now
Inflation, discrimination, bailouts, etc. It's a good interview

"I think they are going to destroy the dollar[...]there's no way in the world that you can create these trillions of dollars[...]and soon[...]what is going to happen when people dump the dollar?"- Ron Paul.

"It's the begining of the's the death spiral" -Glenn paraphrasing/quoting some economists.

Interview/ Glenn Beck-Ron Paul/ and some featured articles

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