Sunday, March 8, 2009

A day, in reality, escape or enhancement?

I was walking down the sidewalk, looking at the wind playing with the trees, the sun shining, the leaves scuttling around all around me. It was early morning. I could see the men hammering away at the strong wood to make a million different pieces into one home. I could see people inside of their large metal skeletons driving to their destinations.

The wind was pushing against my skin and clothes, the ground was strong below my feet, not only because it was concrete but because I could feel the earth, I could feel it like a song playing through my body.

I closed my eyes and continued to walk. In the distance to my left I heard a muffled horn, which took me to a place. It was the horn of a boat in the harbor, I was walking down either a board walk or hard-packed dirt street, at a sea side carnival. The men that had been working on the houses, were now men working on different attractions that needed to be patched up. The wind still played its games among my hair, tossing it lightly, as the experience was tossing my soul. I could see the dimmed light through my eyelids that cast around me a calming older feel to the place. The place, just like in reality, didn’t feel small nor did it feel huge, it was infinity but in terms that I can understand. The place felt like a place to expand within and beyond, yet it also felt like it was within and beyond. I couldn’t see this small carnival town for I was walking with my eyes closed there as well as here. It didn’t feel like here and there, it felt like here, with the sounds and feelings making me experience something even further. It wasn’t an escape from reality, it was an enhancement. There were really no animals present but you could feel their presence in the world. All felt right and connected. It was pleasant to reflect on humans, and all of the emotions in the moment that were occurring. All was connected,there was no seperation, yet this did not make all things into the same thing.

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